Some of my favorite Drag Mother/Daughter pairs: 

Alyssa Edwards and Shangela “LaQuifa” Wadley
Erica Andrews and Roxxxy Andrews
Raja Gemini and Rhea Litre
Sharon Needles and Heidi Glum

Living proof that “family” is not defined by DNA!  

(RIP Erica Andrews. You’re STILL one of my favorite and one of the fiercest queens ever!)  

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Tip Heidi Glum!


You know you want it.

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Heidi and Jordan <3 
(p.s. Heidi we love your tits)

Yes boobies

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I win awards

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Vintage pic of Heidi, we take no credit for this photo.

#fbf nacy at the chelsea hotel

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#fbf dont EVER do this.

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Heidi and Jordan Fox werkin it in the pool. Photo Credit Goes To Heidi’s Facebook

#fbf to iconic early morning hot tubs with my sister!!!!

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Heidi serving Carrie REALNESS

carrie costume by jordan fox and jimmy helvin

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corsetiere : Orchid Corsetry

links : Facebook  | Etsy

Location: UK

That long red corset tho….I NEED

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